Thursday, July 3, 2008

Arkansas or BUST!

I am heading to Hot Springs, AR today for the July 4th holiday weekend! Lizzy is here from Atl, and riding with me, Traci is coming from Nashville, Joe Serpente is meeting us there from San Fran, and the entire Serpente family will be there too! Not to mention my mom and the rest of my family that lives there. This should get interesting. I am so excited, Joe and I have been planning this for months.
Rick left at 6am this morning for his wild adventure in Alaska! They are king salmon fishing, and rafting for 10 days. It's his dad, sister, 2 brothers, uncle, and some cousins. This trip does not sound fun to me, but he says it is the trip of a lifetime. So I am really excited for him. I prefer laying on the beach with a cocktail, but that's just my thing. Lets just hope Rick makes it back safe and sound on the 13th, and doesn't have to wrestle any bears.


Jessica Chapman said...

candy please give betty my best.

What I Know said...

Aww, Rb might have to wrestle a bear? It's cool, they have their surgery kit ready to go...