Monday, July 7, 2008

Lake Hamilton Nights

July 4th we decided to venture out in Hot Springs. We went to Smyly's on the lake. THIS PLACE WAS A MAD HOUSE! It took literally 1 hr to get a drink, and there were so many people you could not move! After all my trips to HS, this was my first time checking out the night life, and the 4th of July was probably not the perfect night for this. We had a great time once the crowd died down a little. So here are a few pics......
The crew waiting to get in.
Traci, Sam, & Me
Joe, Anna, & Sam Serpente
This is my favorite pic of Joe! Explains the whole night.
My sweet best friend Joe! I love him, and this is the most normal picture we have ever taken.


What I Know said...
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What I Know said...

I totally agree that that is the most normal picture JOE has ever taken...ever. I think you won the prize for capturing it on your camera. I also think someone should have told me my hair looked boufant. Glad I can count on you guys to help me out. Good times, though, and how come Sam looks taller than us in the pics?