Friday, February 12, 2010

Our little SNOWDAY!

Yes, we actually got snow!! Not just a little dusting, but actual snow, probably the most snow I have ever seen (I don't really like cold much). Rick and I got off work early, and played in the snowstorm with our neighbors. We had SO much fun!!! I usually don't want anything to do with going outside, but this was really fun.
Our little family. Lilly has little snowballs stuck to her paws.
Rick in our back yard.

Our ADORABLE neighbors, Chloe & Lola. I just adore them.
Lilly L-O-V-E-D the snow!!!

Rick would throw snowballs, Lilly chased them, tried to carry them around as long as possible, then sneezed from a nose full of snow. She had so much fun. WE ALL LOVED SNOW DAY!!!!


LG said...

Those are great pics!!

Drew, Taylor, and Caroline Clayton said...

Cute pics! The snow was fun but I hate it messed up everyone's mardi gras plans :(