Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Help me pick a hair style!

I am cutting my hair for Locks of Love Friday afternoon and need help picking a cut. Which do you guys think will look best on me? Please vote in the poll to the right.


#2 PS: I feel sure I will look JUST LIKE these beautiful stars when I have their hair cut!!!


kelly said...

I can't imagine you with short hair! Never seen it, but I'm sure it will be presh! I vote for the Jen Anniston "do" very fresh and I love the choppy-ness - very edgy but practical!!!
Team Anniston! LOL

Lauren and Nick Miller said...

Both styles would be adorable on you, but I think you could do more with the Jen Anniston one!

Taylor said...

I like #1 the best but #2 is fab also and I would ease into short hair. What about #2 for now since it may still be long enough for a pony in the summer and then by fall or winter go shorter and it would be so cute with scarfs and stuff :)

Mere said...

#1 is so hip and cute @ the same time! Would be fab on you!!