Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another HOT June weekend...

Friday we went to dinner with Michelle and Eric @ Cheesecake Factory patio. For some reason I didn't get a pic of Michelle? We had a great time as we always do with these guys.
My dear friend Anna was in town this weekend from Pascagoula. She had a baby shower Saturday and stayed with us that night. While Rick went to a guys night, Anna and I had our own little girls night. We went to dinner @ Bottega Cafe for some yummy drinks and most fabulous food. Anna really liked her Appletini.
I was more excited about the food!!!

Then we went to Anna's old stomping ground Innisfree. Her face just lit up when we walked in. I think she spent most of her time in Bham in Innisfree when she lived here.
Lilly also REALLY enjoyed Anna's visit. She followed her around all weekend, even slept with her. TRADER! As you can see, Lilly spent most her her time in Anna's lap.
So we had an entertaining Friday and Saturday. It was GREAT to see Anna, just when I needed a friend. Perfect timing ANC, I LOVE YOU!


Anna Cole said...

LOVE IT! I had such a blast!!! We need to do it more often... minus the pineapple upside down cake shots... HA HA!

What I Know said...

See Candice...when you need a friend, your real ones will ALWAYS be there. If not, they just aren't worth it.