Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mississippi Barrier Islands

When I was little my dad insisted that we spend EVERY weekend on the islands. Most days my brothers and I were not interested at all, especially when he woke us up at 7am to load up. Many of those island trips we were joined by the Shamburger family. For those that don't know about the barrier islands, they are BEAUTIFUL! They are about 10 miles off the coast of Mississippi, and completely uninhabited. White sandy beaches, lots of sea life, and may days water so clear you can see the bottom. Well, while Rick & I were home after my dad passed away, we stayed with my lifelong family friends the Shamburgers. The Sunday before my dad's services, they took us out to the islands for a day to think about the all the good times we had out there with my dad. It was the perfect day, not to mention Rick's 1st trip out. We all talked and shared memories about my dad and how much he loved it out there. Actually my dad's ashes will be spread out at Horn Island so he can forever be in at his favorite place. I have no doubt that my dad was smiling down on us that day, I could just feel it. This is a Saturday & Sunday ritual for most Mississippi Gulf Coast residents, as you can see by all the boats.
Here are the Shamburgers walking across Horn Island.
There were TONS of dolphins out this day, or as my mom would correct me, a POD of dolphins. They were EVERYWHERE! Seeing a dolphin is nothing new to us, since you usually see at least on every trip out, but it never gets old. We were amazed.

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