Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This past week has been very bittersweet for me. Thursday before last my dad went into the hospital and that Friday night he passed away. I have learned so much in the aftermath of this, most important is that EVERYONE deals with grief differently. My brothers and I have each handled this loss in completely different ways and this has made it all so much worse. I loved my dad VERY much and I am finding a little peace knowing that now I have a guardian angel watching over me. I have also gained so much strength from all the support I have had from friends and family over the past week. Half the flowers at the service were from friends of mine, and since I have been back in Bham, the flowers just keep coming. Not to mention all the cards in the mail, the text, phone calls, facebook messages, emails, everything has been SO AMAZING!!! If anything could make this all easier, all of the above support has made it possible. I feel so loved and blessed to know that so many people care about me, and my family, it means more to me than you will ever know. Your prayers are working, so THANK YOU! Most of all I need to thank Rick. He has been so wonderful through all of this. I would not have made it through with out him, NOT AT ALL! I have heard people show their true character in the worst of times, and Rick has shown what a WONDERFUL man I have in my life. I am SO LUCKY!! With all that said, I wanted to share all the flowers everyone sent to my family and me. It is hard to be sad around here with so many beautiful flowers, and kind cards around. I will be so sad when they are all gone. Also see that Rick even planted some of the flowers in the backyard so I could see them every day. I am such a BLESSED PERSON!

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KellyFranks said...

Oh no! The lillies never bloomed!!????