Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ladners come to stay

Aaron, April, and sweet baby Avery came to stay with us Thursday night, and it was SO nice!!! I really wanted to keep Avery forever. She is such a little cutie and she was so good. Didn't cry or get upset the entire time they were here.
Avery just LOVED Lilly.
Tom also came over to catch up with Aaron. I just had to take the ole Pascagoula High School pic (the 3 of us graduated together for those that don't know these guys).
This visit was PERFECT timing. I really needed to spend some time with old friends. I smiled all night. This was also the first time Aaron really got sit down and chat with Rick. Aaron has always been like a brother and been looking out for me, so seeing them chatting it up was fabulous. I loved going to bed knowing I had such dear friends in the house.

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