Monday, February 9, 2009

The Grizas

We got to play with my favorite blogger Laura and her sweet husband Erik this weekend at the wedding. They are such a cute couple and so much fun. LG decided to vote me as best dressed at the wedding so I love her even more now! Check out here blog HERE.
After the wedding we all went to the Open Door, and LG & Erik had to catch up on everything with their iphones. They are really obsessed, it makes you feel like you NEED one.
After the Open Door we shared a cab and everyone made it home safe and lived happily ever after. Now go check out her fabulous blog! ( . Great to see you guys!


grizaham said...

Good to see all the Bham peeps this weekend as well! That cab driver was an odd one. After he dropped you guys off he tried to turn onto an I-65 exit ramp and got halfway down til i told him to please turn around. Then he couldnt get the CC machine to work so our ride was free.. Im just glad we made it! ;)

LG said...

Ha yes wild cab ride and great times with you guys! Tell Ricky Bobby thanks for everything!
LOVE that iphone picture it makes me laugh! ha
you do NEED one! Valentimes is coming just saying!