Monday, February 23, 2009

Mississippi Day 1, Hattiesburg

Our trip to Mississippi started Thursday in Hattiesburg. We stopped by my friends Brad and Kristen's house to see their new baby Sadie, and their 6 yr old Logan.
Then we met a group of my friends at my favorite restaurant Crescent City (if you are ever in Hbg, you MUST go eat there!). My dear high school friend Aaron and his little girl Avery stopped by just to say hello. Doesn't she look just like him?
Sam "was" going to be the envy of his co-workers with his leftovers at lunch the next day, but someone knocked them out of his hand and all over the floor. It was HILARIOUS!!!!
Fancy came to dinner, but wasn't feeling well so had to leave a little early. Bonnie & Blaine Tyrone also came to catch up. After dinner Rick and I spent the night with the Tyrones. The next morning I got to play with sweet little Reese Tyrone. Such a cutie, and INTO EVERYTHING!
It was a great way to start the long weekend. I love and miss all my Hattiesburg friends so much, just spending time with them makes me SO HAPPY, especially with Rick there too! I love you all, thanks for coming to catch up with me.
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LG said...

That is a cute little baby! Did Rick like Mardi Gras?

Drew, Taylor, and Caroline Clayton said...

Looks like y'all had fun- sorry we missed you guys I wanted to meet Rick :(
That was sweet of y'all to go visit Kristin/Brad and Bonnie/Blaine and see their houses and babies- they will owe you when you have a baby!!!