Monday, February 9, 2009

Jessica & Dusty's Wedding

Saturday we went to Jessica & Dusty's wedding reception, and it was beautiful. Everything was just perfect.

Abnous made it 9 months pregnant and her due date less than a week away. All the females there were very impressed.

Jessica designed her dress and had it made, and it was just beautiful! She was just gorgeous!
There was a grits bar that was just fabulous. Rick had 3 bowls!
I got to play with Lizzy Bears & LG, don't they just look fabulous?
It was such a great time with great friends. Congrats Mr & Mrs Otwell! Thanks for a super weekend.


LG said...

It was a great time! dang i forgot to blog about the grits!

Anna Cole said...

your dress is FABULOUS!!!

AndreaLeigh said...

grits bar? wow, that is a fabulous idea! i've never heard of someone doing that.