Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Andrew's 9th Birthday

Last Thursday we went to a family dinner for Andrew's 9th birthday @ KOBE. This was Andrew's request, and he LOVED it! He got lots of fun gifts, a Sponge Bob's greatest hits CD that he LOVED, tickets to the dinosaur thing at the BJCC, water balloon hot potato, $, a book, a hermit crab, some other toys, and last but not least, a rocket. Rick and I got him the rocket and I am pretty sure Rick was more excited than Andrew. When I asked Rick for ideas he got so excited and started researching rockets, reminiscing about his days of building and playing with rockets, he even told me he would have to show me some of his old rockets, they were "awesome" he says. So, we had a great family dinner, and as you can see Andrew racked up.
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The Coker family said...

Fun! We HATED not being there, but sounds like he had a blast!