Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The newest McKibbin.....Lucy Dog

Andrew and Claire got a new dog!!! Lucy is a Labradoodle, and she is ADORABLE!!!! I was sad they didn't get a shihtzu, but like Rick told me I would love her when I met her, I DID!! I could just eat her up, and I tried to bring her home but that didn't go over well with them or Rick. Any who, the dog is super cute, and a very welcomed addition the the crew. I am going to take Lilly over soon to meet her, so I will post new pics soon.


The Coker family said...

She's adorable! We got to Skype her (and everyone else) on Easter. She was so cute & so exhausted.

What I Know said...

This dog is my new favorite thing ever. It's so funny how whoever took the pic is holding the thing down and it looks like it's just going with the "ok, whatev."