Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend 09

What an EASTER!!! Friday started with breakfast at the Original Pancake House with Anna and Chip (my dear friends from home/high school). They were just in town for Thursday night but decided to stay Friday night so they came over and we grilled burgers with what I like to call "Topping Heaven." These burger topping included but were not limited to: sauteed mushrooms and onions, bacon, jalapenos, cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo, mustard, ketchup, BBQ sauce. It was FABULOUS! Most of all it was fabulous to catch up with Anna and Chip. What a week full of fabulous friends, first Jacquie, then Anna & Chip.
Saturday, Rick cleaned the garage, and moved all the tools used in the kitchen project from the house to the basement. We are making room to move all my stuff out of the storage unit that is costing a fortune. Saturday night we went to dinner at Kate & Chris' house. They have 3 pups, a Pomeranian, shihtzu, and shorkie (shihtzu/yorkie). Lilly was overwhelmed by the pack of dogs, but she loved it! It was so much fun, and we found someone just as picky about food as Rick. Never thought that would happen. Kate and Chris' house was just precious and the food was great. (Sorry no pics from that)

Sunday we got up and went to church with Rick's brother and family. Here are the Andrew and Claire and their new puppy, Lucy. She is adorable. More about that later. Don't the kids look adorable?

Rick and I before church.
Scott, Katie, and the kids before church.
After church @ Trinity, which was beautiful by the way, we went to Rick's Uncle Bill's for Easter lunch with more family. I had never met Uncle Bill, because usually I am in Little Rock for holidays, so it was a pleasure to meet more of Rick's family. Bill's house was fabulous, there is a creek running in front that you can hear moving, and coy fish ponds. I also got to meet cousin Robert, his wife Trish, and their adorable little boys Landon, and Reed. I spent most of the day playing with 3 1/5 yr old Landon. We are best friends. I hate I don't have a picture of them, little blonde haired blue eyed boys. I wanted to take them home. The only pic I took is the one below of Rick and his dad. All in all a very BUSY Easter weekend. Sunday night we were exhausted.


What I Know said...

Love the pic of Andrew and Claire. That should come in a frame you buy at Dillard's. The doggie is hilarious too. He's so cute, and she's just holding him like a doll and he's all good, staring the other funny. Kinda like our Shih Tzu farm pic.

Anna Cole said...

So cute! We had so much fun, and I've been dreaming of Topping Heaven, every night since then... :)