Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dining room art

I got Rick these 2 pieces of art for Christmas and Anniversary. They are from an artist local to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, named Walter Anderson. His art is amazing. It is hard to walk into a house on the coast that doesn't have at least 1 piece. Mr. Anderson has long past but his art lives on and is available at Realizations in downtown Ocean Springs. If you are looking for inexpensive, different, art, google Realizations, and look at the online gallery. You can order from the website, and even request specific colors to match your room. (I would put the link, but I am on Rick's ancient computer since mine crashed last week) Back to these pics, so Rick was like ok, thanks, you know guys are not much on decorating. The pics are from Mr. Anderson's Alphabet, each letter is something different. I got Rick the R and the M for Rick McKibbin. Well, we hung them in the newly painted dining room, and he noticed that the R is River, and the M is Man ( totally appropriate for Rick, who always says things are manly, or says that is MAN work), so put them up and it says RIVER MAN! HE LOVED THAT!!! If I haven't said before, Rick goes on these big river/fishing trips all over the country with his family, so this was perfect. So what do yall think about the art?


What I Know said...

River Man: he who thinks women with large chests fall over a lot.

Anna Cole said...

Love it!! Of course... But we Have 7 pieces of wa art in our small house!! You should think of getting him the day prints! Chip and I have our birthdays and anniversary grouped together! Neat!

LG said...

I need a close up of the print! Still love that paint color in that room!