Monday, May 5, 2008

Atlanta Girls Trip 2008

Saturday Shay, Traci, & I headed to Atlanta to visit LIZZY BEARS! Jess was the original coordinator of this girls trip but got sick at the last minute. We started with mimosas right outside of Atl, then Lizzy's pad to primp, dinner at Georgia Grille, our usual hot spot 5 Paces ( where we sat in the same booth as last year, and did not get up all night but for bathroom breaks.), after that it was on to The Hole in the Wall! Wow, what a night, this was the only pic I was allowed to put on the blog, I was threatened by death if any of the others made it up. Sorry, the others are way more fun! We had a BLAST as always when we go visit Liz. THANKS LIZZY! And we missed you JessiD!

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LG said...

dang I need to go with ya'll next time!! you know i loves me some liz