Friday, May 23, 2008


My best friend from birth, Traci, sent me a message yesterday that brought tears to my eyes! She is going to QUIT SMOKING! You guys do not know how much this mean to me! I had a pretty bad day Wed, and when I got this news Thursday, I teared up! Traci has smoked since high school, and it DRIVES ME CRAZY! Here is my list of issues and facts on Traci smoking.
1. It is totally annoying for a non-smoker to have a best friend that is a heavy smoker.
2. It smells horrible!
3. Road trips are zero fun with a smoker.
4. Traci couldn't get enough out of a regular cig, so she started smoking 100's.
5. I want my best friend to be around forever.
This list could go on FOREVER, but I will stop there. Anyway, Traci went to the Dr. this week and got a script for Chantix, that is supposed to help her stop. I have been on her to quit for YEARS, well basically since she started! This is the best news I have heard in a very long time. So for those of you who know Traci please let her know how proud we all are of her efforts! One last thing, back in college Traci had a bit of a negative attitude, and some of us decided she didn't like anything but cigarettes, things that were free, and black. She wanted me to make sure everyone knew that she still LOVES THINGS THAT ARE FREE! Good luck Traci, I am SO SO SO PROUD OF YOU!

P.S. I will be posting updates on Traci's progress.


Anna said...

WAY TO GO TRACI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bonnie Tyrone said...

i love traci and am so very proud of her, i hope she never quits liking free things though, or soft shell crab sandwiches!

Traci said...

Thanks for the support. In all honesty, though, it is not funny, nor is it easy. Smoking is something I picked up in high school and just never had a reason to stop doing it. And when I finally had reasons, I came up with excuses...while they were good ones, they were still just that. I mean, it's a lot easier to smoke a cigarette and think about your dad having a brain tumor than to be nic'n like a MFer and trying to deal with it. But I know people who have had success with this, and I think I can do it too. I am on day 2, and you are allowed to smoke for 1 week before you quit. I have smoked today and will probably finish the pack I have since I have 5 more days, and the meds have not kicked in totally yet. It's a week to get adjusted, and psych yourself up for it. Most people don't end up smoking the rest of the pack they have, so we will see.

grizaham said...

way to go ! tell her to try chantix if it gets to be too hard. that is how i quit!