Thursday, May 29, 2008


Traci, Johnny, Rick & I went to Rick's family's lake house at Inland Lake Sunday and it was fabulous! The weather was perfect. When we got there Rick's parents were there, so we got to visit with them for a little while before they headed home. We sat in the sun for a little while, Rick cooked a Boston Butt, and RELAXED! DD, Duffy, & Zoie came up later that afternoon and as you can see in this pic Lilly thought she had found a new mom, and DD did not disagree!
And Bernie took quite a liking to Traci! He followed her around EVERYWHERE!
Monday, Jordan came to meet us via a stranger's boat? We went to the dam to pick him up and he wasn't there, so we decided we would wait a few and come back later. Next thing we know he has hitched a ride from a stranger. I LOVED THAT! Well, after Duffy & Rick did some wake boarding, and Johnny gave it a shot, it was time for TUBING! My favorite! Jordan & I went first, and I forgot how much fun it is! I laughed so hard I cried. Then Jordan decided we needed to jump from tube to tube. He had gone to see the new Indiana Jones movie this week and I am pretty sure he thought he was Indi. He jumped into my tube, then back to his, then he decided I needed to do it. This was all fine and dandy, but I refused to jump back, so I made him go back to my tube. He was less than impressed by my skills, and he gave up.
I begged Rick to tube with me, and he was not interested. Then he started feeling guilty because he's not going to the wedding I am in this weekend in Mississip, so on to the tube he went! After one of our falls we tried to kiss and it looks so cute in this pic, but about 1 second after this my tube was completely upside down! Didn't work out so well, but everyone else got a good laugh! That's all that matters.
One of the ropes broke so that was the end of tubing! We grilled some hotdogs and it was time to pack up! I had a GREAT time guys!
Jordan, DD, & Duffy

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