Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Baby Tyrone

This is Miss Elizabeth "Reese" Tyrone. Reese was born December 27, 2007 (before I had the blog, so I just had to mention her now!). Her wonderful parents are Bonnie & Blaine Tyrone. These 2 are a VERY special couple to me. Bonnie was one of my best friends at Ole Miss, and when I transferred, she followed a year later. She and I lived together for years at USM, and there was never a dull moment! She is the most fabulous friend you could ever ask for, down to earth, funny, beautiful, and the best part is you can tell her ANYTHING! I adore her and am so luck to have such a perfect friend. Now on to her husband, Mr. Blaine Tyrone, we met one weekend when I came to USM to visit, but we really became friends 2 yrs later when I transferred to Southern Miss, and our group did everything together. Blaine is one of the best guys I have ever met! He will do anything in the world for you, no questions asked (ok maybe a few). He is the tailgating capt of our group (he always picked up my group of girls for football & baseball games), a great cook, funny, and a blast to be around. Well these 2 were friends for years before one weekend I went out of town and Bonnie was lost! She had nothing to do so I said call Blaine! She did, and they were engaged 8 months later. I was a bridesmaid in their wedding October 2006, and it was so special being a part of TWO of your best friends wedding. They are the perfect couple, all of my friends and I say that non-stop. Now with sweet baby Reese, their little family is perfect! I love my sweet Tyrone family, more than you will ever know!