Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday, back to Bham

On the road again! Sunday I pick Traci up in Ocean Springs, we headed up 49 to Hattiesburg to pick up Kelly & Lilly, then it was back to Bham. YUCK, the drive was bad! I started falling asleep so after Traci got a short nap I turned the driving over to her. I took at quick nap myself, and when I woke up, Traci and I sang to each other. Let me tell you this is SCARY! Neither of us are musically talented, so this is what we to to make each other laugh. We totally destroyed Sugarland! I love those moments so much Traci! Finally we made it back, and as excited as I was, I felt bad because she had to get in her car and drive to Nashville. Guess that's better than driving all 6.5 hrs from Nashville to the coast alone. Once we unloaded the car, Lilly and I went to Rick's for dinner. He cooked pancakes, which I have never been able to do myself for some reason, and they were YUMMY! We also had eggs and bacon, everything was GREAT! It has been forever since I had breakfast for dinner, and I forgot how much I loved it! It was a perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

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