Thursday, March 13, 2008

San Fransisco Joe

Let me introduce my wonderful friend Joe Serpente. Not sure where to start when talking about Joe. In college he was Psycho Joe, The Naked Knight, Human Tornado, CiCi's pizza window guy, oh the list goes on and on. We first met my freshman year at Ole Miss, and I was immediately scared. Then when I transferred to Southern Miss, the fun started. He moved in next door to me at my apt, and there were endless practical jokes (still scared of pinatas!). Then when Joe's roommate moved out, he thought he should just move in with me. Not just in my apt, but in my room! So there we are Joe in his twin bed, me in my queen bed, just sharing a room. This was a TRIP to say the least! On Sept 11, he woke me up to watch the news, all the while looking out our bedroom window looking for planes to crash into our apt. I have so many adventures with Joe, I can't even count. Joe has moved around since college, and is now in San Fran. We remain the best of friends, and talk all the time. When you are around Joe you can't help but laugh until it hurts. I LOVE YOU JOE, thanks for being you, and always making me smile.
Here is a little info on Joe: Loves to prank call, and can do it without cracking, loves practical jokes, loves his wonderful family, you never know what he will do while in public, loves his friends that are all over the country, is not allowed to drink scotch (at least not around me), never meets a stranger, has an imagination you would not believe (almost scary), very honest (at times, too honest), but most of all a great heart.
Ladies, he's single!


Anna said...

Hmmm, where's he live, currently - San Francisco? I have a feeling this comment is going to make me look stupid in some way... I'm trying to think of who to set him up with!!!!

Logan said...

I once saw Joe wrestle a full grown bull mastiff for a pork belly and win decisively. No lie.