Monday, March 17, 2008

Bar 23, Nashville

So after Blind Melon, we went to meet up with Laura & Eric Graham @ Bar 23. (Laura & Eric are possibly the sweetest couple ever!) This place was a blast, and against my better judgement, I decided to dance! I LOVE THE GRAHAMS, Laura has a blog that inspired me to start mine. Check it out It was GREAT to see you guys.
Earlier in the night we made friends with a cab driver named Coco Puff, that we called to pick us up, and he totally took care of us. For the rest of the weekend we mentioned Coco Puff at least once an hour. We made it home, safe and sound with Krystals chili cheese fries in hand! What a night!


Lizzy said...

I love Coco Puff

LG said...

LOL we stopped at "White CAstle" too! That was a really fun night! Love all the pics
also thanks for the shout outs