Monday, March 3, 2008

Oh, Brother

I want to introduce you guys to my little brother, Ryan Dunn. Do you see the resemblance? Not so much with the facial hair, and obviously we did NOT get the same hair, but usually people think we are twins. We are 22 months apart in age, and fought like crazy when we were kids. When we were really young my family called me Sissy, and him Bubba. Well, Bubba stuck, until he was about 13. The funny part about that is now when people that haven't seen him in a long time see him they still call him BUBBA, I LOVE IT. Ryan is a bartender at Mellow Mushroom in Ocean Springs, so go by and visit him if you are ever in the area. Great to see you "Bubba", I love you!

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LG said...

In my Family, wel call each other sissy and Bubba too like each set of my family does that! neat