Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birthday Tour stops in HBG!

The 30th Birthday tour headed for Hattiesburg, MS Thursday when Rick got off work, to stay with my most fabulous friends Bonnie and Blaine. Hbg, is on our way to the coast, so this is a normal stop for us, to break up the drive. They as well as Taylor and Drew . had a baby last month and can't really leave town yet, so it was great to be able to catch up with them. Friday morning Bonnie and Blaine cooked a fabulous breakfast casserole and cheese grits, and Taylor brought over cinnamon rolls and fruit, for my birthday breakfast. I LOVE BREAKFAST!! It was so nice, and the food was great.

Thanks friends.
I talked Rick into holding baby Stella Tyrone. He never touches babies so I had to capture the moment.
Here are Taylor, Anna Cooper, Bonnie, Stella, and AUNT Candice.
Here are the little best friends born 3 days apart. Left: Anna Cooper (7/7/09) Right: Stella (7/4/09)
Last but NOT least, miss Reese, Stella's big sis. She runs around like a tornado so getting a picture was a challenge, but I got her. Little miss thing is a ball of fire. I adore all these ladies (and Blaine) and was so happy to be able to celebrate my 30th birthday with such wonderful friends. Yet another key to my perfect birthday.

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