Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Next stop on the Candice's 30th Birthday tour: Rick SHOCKED me last Tuesday with at surprise birthday dinner at Hacienda, here in Birmingham. I know people always say they had no clue even if they did, but I REALLY had NO CLUE!! This never happens!! I very rarely get an actual surprise, yet I love them SO much. It was so fabulous! Rick really did a great job, with a little help from his friends (Kat). He did plan it last minute so some of our friends couldn't make it on such short notice, but the short notice is probably why I was so shocked. I would have figured it out if I had more time, I feel sure. We had such a good time, and then out of the blue....a gang of the servers rushed up behind me, made me put on a Hacienda t-shirt, put a sombrero on my head, and a flaming shot in front of that they tried to make me drink out of a straw. It was NUTS! As you can tell from the pics (look at Kelly's and my faces). The straw melted 4 times, then I blew it out, the gang re lit it, and made me try again. At this point I was concerned about the melted straws that were now in my drink, but they would NOT give up. Finally I finished the shot and the madness was over. WHEW, it was possibly the strangest thing that has ever. Thanks to all who were there and helped Rick with the secret, it was PERFECT. I felt so loved.

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LG said...

Rick is a good dude and that looks like alot of fun!