Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last stop.....Orange Beach

Saturday (my actual birthday, August 15) Rick and I checked out of the Beau and headed to Pascagoula for my birthday lunch........EDD'S!!! YUMMERS!!! Anyone from Goula knows that this is the BEST birthday lunch ever!! Those not from Goula, if you are ever anywhere near here, go to Edd's, I promise you will love it. Best chili cheese burger EVER! I was SUPER pumped about this, and sent pics to my mom in Little Rock because I knew she would be really jealous.
Then we headed over to Dauphin Island and caught the ferry to Ft. Morgan (this wasn't as exciting as we thought it would be).
After our long journey, we finally made it to The Wharf in Orange Beach, AL, and the site of Rick's sister Katherine's wedding. A quick visit with the fam, and a quick wardrobe change and we were off to the wedding.

Everything was nice, and simple, just the way Katherine wanted. After the ceremony and dinner, my dear friends Jacquie and Wes came to celebrate my 30th. Jacq and I have been friends since 2nd grade, and now she, her husband, and their 2 boys live in Pensacola, so this was a short trip for them. I was so excited to see them and spend my birthday with true friends that I just adore. They stayed with us, so Sunday we had lunch, and spent a little time at the FABULOUS pool at the Wharf before heading back to Bham.

WHEW, what a birthday! I want to turn 30 every year (and just might). I got to see all the most important people in my life, and go to some of my favorite places. Everything was just perfect. Thanks to all that made it possible, especially Rick for hanging in there and not jumping ship. I had the best birthday I could ever imagine.


LG said...

Dang gurl you have been tearing it up for the 30th! WAy to go! and Happy Birthday!

The Coker family said...

Goodness, this one really made me tear up! She looks absolutely beautiful, great to see everyone looking so happy!