Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Destin or is it the Bahamas?

Rick and I went to my parents beach house on 30-A, just east of Destin, FL, weekend before last, and we almost thought we were in the Bahamas! The water water and beach were PERFECT! No seaweed, the water was the clearest I have EVER seen it in Destin, water was so calm, nice breeze, it was AWESOME!! We just laid on rafts in the gulf all day. This was the first stop on the Candice's 30th Birthday tour.
Rick gave me a nice thumbs up when he busted me taking pics of him on his raft.
Lilly also LOVED the beach! She even made a new friend, a ghost crab. She chased it, tossed it around, and barked at it, for about 20 min until the crab escaped into the water. Then she ran up and down the shore looking for it.
The first morning she was so excited she woke me up at 6am to go to the beach. So this pic was bright and early. She for some reason comes back from the beach with a face full of sand.
We also rented a boat and spent our last day at crab island.
It was a FABULOUS weekend, and a GREAT start to my birthday week/month.


LG said...

and when is your 30th?

Mississippi Candice said...

Saturday, August 15.