Wednesday, August 5, 2009

McKibbin Family Beach Pics

Rick and I went to Myrtle Beach, SC two weeks ago for his extended family vacay. While we were there we took family pics. This was interesting, because Rick's family is mostly guys, and we all know guys are not known for being great communicators. So Katie sent out an email asking everyone to bring a white shirt, khaki shorts, or a just something white..... Well most didn't get the email. No biggie, the point was to have a pic of everyone since they RARELY all get together. (Everyone made it but Rick's cousin Will) So here is our attempt at family pics, we took over 200, and the group shots were a TRIP. Everyone was like "why are we taking so many", uh, because getting 22 people so all look at the camera at once is nearly impossible. Here are the pics:
This is what Uncle Bill came out in for the pics, nice.
There were only 4 kids on the trip and looks how sweet.

You know Rick and I had to have one!
Here is Rick's immediate family.

The entire crew.

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