Monday, August 10, 2009

Stewart/Gannon Wedding Weekend

The first weekend in August was an exciting one to say the least. We celebrated the wedding and festivities of our dear friends Kat and Brad, and what a weekend it was. The weekend started with the rehearsal dinner at Cantina, and it was just perfect, here is a pic of the happy couple.
There were tons of fabulous, touching, funny, sweet, just perfect speeches honoring them, not to mention many words of advice for the couple.
The wedding was even better! It rained, actually poured, but nothing could stop us all from celebrating. Rick's friends were in town from NYC, Denver, Atlanta, New Orleans, and more I am sure, and we had a BLAST!! The rain cleared, and everything was just perfect. Here are THE GANNONS enjoying their first dance.
All the guys were all smiles (except James and his Blue Steel pose) for a group pic.
So you know after that Abnous, Beth, and I had to have a pic too.
Rick and I haven't had that much fun in a LONG time. We acted like we were 20 again. It was a GREAT weekend for a GREAT couple! Congrats Kat & Brad Gannon, we love you, and were honored to be a part of your special weekend.

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